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Adoption is a lifetime commitment: Be sure to take good care of your furry friend's health

  • 透過有獎徵答宣導寵物生病應找合格獸醫師 透過有獎徵答宣導寵物生病應找合格獸醫師
  • 台中市獸醫師公會獸醫師提供健檢諮詢服務 台中市獸醫師公會獸醫師提供健檢諮詢服務
  • 認養不棄養-假日流浪犬貓認養會場 認養不棄養-假日流浪犬貓認養會場
  • 透過有獎徵答宣導寵物生病應找合格獸醫師
  • 台中市獸醫師公會獸醫師提供健檢諮詢服務
  • 認養不棄養-假日流浪犬貓認養會場

Thanks to continued promotion by the public and private sectors, adoption, and not abandonment, has become a nationwide public consensus. Starting in 2014, the Health Inspection Office has conducted weekend and holiday stray dog and cat adoption events, which have helped countless stray animals to find happy homes. At the November 14 event, the Taichung Veterinary Medical Association participated by providing information and tips on how to care for your pet's health. We hope that all good masters support adoption and give their furry children proper care.


The weekend adoption events held every Sunday never fail to bring together everyone who likes dogs and cats and cares about stray animals. But while viewing the cute furry children waiting to find happiness, good masters should remember to maintain their stick-to-it-iveness and patience. After adoption, you should be willing to keep your furry children company through all the ups and downs of daily life, and should face the joys and difficulties of human-animal living straight on. In particular, at a time when pets are also facing the problems of aging and chronic diseases, owners should try to obtain correct veterinary and care knowledge. The Taichung Veterinary Medical Association offered pet examination, consulting, and a prize quiz game at this adoption event. In addition, the Association made owners aware that they must seek out a licensed veterinarian when their furry children have health problems, and must make sure that their pets receive their regular vaccinations and internal/external parasite prevention treatment.


The Health Inspection Office reminds you that adoption is a lifetime commitment. Apart from providing your pet food and shelter, you should also spend time with it, and give it appropriate care if it is sick. A good owner never leaves his or her pet.


  • Data update: 2021-12-13
  • Publish Date : 2021-11-22
  • Source: Taichung City Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office
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