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Expressing thanks to all for their support Taichung receives four major awards in the National Animal Protection, Shelter, and Capture Service Performance Assessment Awards!

  • Date: 2021-01-14
  • Issued by: Taichung City Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office
Expressing thanks to all for their support Taichung receives four major awards in the National Animal Protection, Shelter, and Capture Service Performance Assessment Awar

Kindness to animals is a never-ending responsibility! After receiving "double award of excellence" honors in the 2019 National Animal Protection and Shelter Service Performance Assessment Awards, Taichung City again received high honors in the 2020 event. Apart from picking up more awards of excellence in the "National Animal Protection Service" assessment category and "National Animal Shelter and Capture Service" assessment category, the city also obtained a "Best penalty rate improvement award" and "Best adoption rate improvement award." We would like to thank everyone involved for their encouragement and support, and are especially grateful to the city's animal protection consultative committee, animal protection groups, Taichung City Veterinary Medical Association, Taichung Pet Seller's Association, public-spirited businesses, and all the many animal protection volunteers and veterinarians who made quiet contributions. Public-private cooperation has ushered in a new climate in animal protection, which has made Taichung City a human- and animal-friendly place to live.

  Taichung has continued to rely on innovative thinking in animal protection and animal shelter and management services to improve animal welfare. Apart from strengthening source management of dogs and cats, the city has also continued to implement activities including provision of subsidies for residents' household dogs and cats, charity assistance programs, and free roving dog and cat spay and neuter activities in outlying areas. The city also emphasizes awareness of pet owners' responsibilities, and has not only held many hands-on classes and talks on pets conducted by professional speakers, but has also sponsored such special events as an animal protection-themed cultural creativity market. The latter event relied on the artists' and craftspeople's creative thinking to quietly plant the seeds of kindness to animals in the hearts of every participating city resident. In addition, the city has also striven to improve management of stray dogs and cats, raise the priority of animal welfare, and employ precision capture in conjunction with an increase in adoption points as animal control focal areas. The city has enlisted private energies in the establishment of halfway animal hospitals, Joy of Adoption locations, and the Homeless Dog Family Project, which all seek to find lifetime homes for stray animals. In order to improve the quality of life of shelter animals, apart from employing dog behavior training, beauty care, and cooperative medical evacuation programs to enhance animal welfare, the city has been actively obtaining central government funding for improvement of the shelter environment. This has included the full-scale renovation of the Houli Park animal shelter branch, which is expected to re-open in April 2021, and will constitute a new milestone for animal welfare in Taichung.

  The results of the 2020 annual assessment provide affirmation of the city's animal protection, shelter, and capture services, and provide encouragement and support to the veterinarians and other personnel who work on the front lines of shelter animal care. Looking forward, Taichung City will continue to uphold a professional and dedicated attitude, and act in cooperation with private groups, voluntary partners, and city residents for the purpose of animal welfare. We will take firm steps forward to fulfill our vision of making Taichung a livable city where residents, animals, and the environment can coexist in harmony.

  • Date : 2021-01-06
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