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Administrative Organization

Taichung City Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office
Services for Public

Operations responsibility:

I. Pig contagious disease prevention and immunization, health care, orientation counseling, epidemic investigation and statistics, and exported quarantinable products’ origin quarantine, imported quarantinable products’ quarantine follow-up matters. Animal disease and human/animal commutable infectious disease inspection and diagnosis, veterinary technology research and training, antibody investigation, aquatic animal disease prevention and treatment, epidemic information transmission and related undertakings.

II. Inspection violations of the Animal Protection Act, case of harassment, abuse or injury to animals. Pet food management and inspection.

III. Oversee herbivore and domestic poultry disease prevention and treatment, healthcare awareness, origin quarantine for exported quanrantinable products, follow-up quarantine on imported quanrantinable products, herbivore and domestic poultry rancher orientation training and counseling service.

IV. Oversee the Animal Protection Act education advocacy, pet registration and management, pet industry management, volunteers’ recruitment and training, awareness campaigning and canine/feline neutering procedures, experimental animals and performing animal management. Pets' carcass disposal, pets' life memorial industry  management counseling and other matters.

V. Oversee public animal shelter management, abandoned dogs/cats capture, placement and management, detained animals emergency disposition and distressed animal rescue matters.

VI. Oversee animal drugs management, veterinarians and animal hospitals management, veterinary medicine and public health, livestock and domestic poultry site raw materials, livestock product health inspection, crackdown and illegal slaughtering crackdown and enforcement.

VII. Oversee Rabies inoculation and imported animals follow-up quarantine, general administration, information, cashiering, word processing and file management and other miscellaneous operations.

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