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Vaccination service

Government-enforced Vaccination Against Swine Fever 
Swine breeders in Taichung City should submit application on the phone one week in advance. Each injection will be charged NT$ 7. 

Government-enforced Vaccination Against Rabies 
Bring your pet to the center for vaccination; each injection will be charged NT$140. 
The fees are charged by the authorized animal hospitals according to the standard set by Taichung Veterinarian Association.  

Tuberculosis Tests and Brucellosis Tests for Herbivores: 
Cattle breeders can call for free tests two weeks in advance.  

Imported Animals Tracing and Quarantine. 
Imported animals with the quarantine clearance notice issued by any branch of the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine Council shall be traced for three months for free.

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