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Description of the Pet Registration Management System:

  1. Mandated documents to be submitted when for filing for a pet registration:
  2. The owner’s proof of identity document.
  3. The proof of documentation on Rabies preventive vaccination, or complete the Rabies preventive vaccination at the time of registration.
  4. The impregnation-processing fee for the pet chipset and neck tag cost and the remittance receipt of the registration fee.
  5. Pet registration billing standards:

- Pet chipset and impregnation surgical fee: At NT$300.

- Pet registration fee, for neutered animals: At NT$500.

- For unneutered animals: NT$1,000.

- The Taichung City pet registration incentive program.

  1. Filing method:

Please bring your pet dog to file for a registration at the registration station or an animal quarantine office.

III. Guideline for applying for pet change, acquisition, transfer, loss or death

  1. The owner filing for a pet acquisition, transfer on a registered pet or for a change of residence, is required to fill out the change application and submit the pet registration certificate within a 1-month period to file with the registration agency for a change registration, or a reissue of the pet registration certificate.
  2. An owner or a border who has lost a pet is required to submit the pet registration certificate to file with the registration agency for declaring a lost pet within five days following the lost fact occurs, and if failing to relocate a declared lost pet in a year, it is deemed as having deceased, and the owner or the border is to file with the registration agency for a cancellation registration.
  3. Within one year after the pet dies, the owner is to present the pet registration certificate to declare with the registration agency for filing for a cancellation registration.
  4. The registration fee is waived when filing for a pet loss or death registration

- Pet change filing registration fee: At NT$100.

- Reissue application fee amid a lost pet neck tag or registration permit: NT$50.

- When a lost pet is turned to the animal shelter, and the owner is claiming the pet, the animal shelter may collect from the owner the daily feed and shelter management fee at NT$200/day.

IV. Directory for the Taichung City pet registration stations

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