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The Taichung City Animal Protection and Quarantine Department’s Subsidy, Donation (Sponsorship) to Private Organizations Guideline

Photocopy of the private organization director nomination certificate, private organization articles of incorporationThe Taichung City Animal Protection and Quarantine Department’s Subsidy, Donation (Sponsorship) to Private Organizations Guideline


Promulgated per the Taichung City Government Animal Protection and Quarantine Department June 20, 2011 directive, Ref. Taichung City Agriculture, Livestock number 1000016606


I. The Taichung City Government Animal Protection and Quarantine Department (hereinafter referred to as the Department) has expressly promulgated the guideline, in a bid to encourage private organizations to facilitate implementing animal quarantine and animal protection activity.

II. The guideline’s subsidy recipients pertains to private organizations that have been launched in Taichung City (hereinafter referred to as the City) with a valid registration or inception registration over one year or longer, and the association operations are in normal operation.

III. The guideline’s subsidy funding purposes are as follows:

(I) To stage animal protection campaign activity.

(II)To stage animal quarantine or public health and related event.

(III)To stage other public welfare activity supporting animal welfare.

(IV)Activity that falls within the operational scope the Department has allocated through its budget with a subsidy funding.

IV. The guideline’s subsidy is to be processed per the following stipulations:

(I) General subsidy: Each applicant entity’s subsidy is capped to not exceeding eighty percent of the total funding the program enlists, and the applicant entity needs to allocate and enlist a self-funded capital; the same applicant entity is eligible to apply for one subsidy per year, with the subsidy amount not exceeding the sum of twenty thousand New Taiwan dollars.

(II) Policy-based subsidy: The following headings’ application cases do not fall under the foresaid subsidy ratio upper threshold, cap or filing number restrictions:

  1. Those accepting the Department’s commission, appointment or underwrite the Department’s mandated undertakings.
  2. Those sponsored by central government agency subsidy programs.
  3. The applied subsidy programs concern public welfare by nature.

V. The applicant entity is to fill out the application and also include the following documents to apply with the Department one month before the program begins, and those filing exceeding the deadline or failing to retroactively supplant the documents will not be accepted, except under extraordinary circumstances that has been approved through a specific project:

(I)The subsidy funding application form (Appendage I).

(II)Photocopied proof of documentation attesting the applicant entity has registered or incepted in the city.

(III)The program funding spreadsheet.

(IV) Photocopy of the private organization director nomination certificate, private organization articles of incorporation.

(V) Other documents the Department specifies to be submitted.

VI. The application cases’ review criteria and operating procedure are as follows:

(I)Written review criteria: The Department is to conduct written review on the subsidy funding application forms private organizations have submitted in accordance with the Private Organization Subsidy (Donation) Plan Preliminary Review List.

  1. Budget allocation rationality, which is to account for ten percent.
  2. Level of contribution to animal protection and quarantine development, which are to account for thirty percent.
  3. The number of program participants, which is to account for ten percent.
  4. Levels of contribution to the Department’s operations promotion, which are to account for twenty percent.
  5. The past program execution supporting level or results, which are to account for twenty percent.
  6. Policy consideration, which is to account for ten percent.

(II) Operation procedure:

  1. The Department is to conduct written review on the program, and also approval and finalize the subsidy cap by following the funding subsidization principles, and may also, where deemed necessary, extend invitations to experts and scholars to convene a review meeting for reviewing the applications.
  2. The Department’s processing period is one moth, and may, where deemed necessary, extend the period by one month, provided that it is limited to one extension only.
  3. The same case that has received other city units’ subsidy is not eligible to apply for the subsidy repetitively; one that applies with two or more agencies concurrently is also to enlist the content of the entire funding and the item and amount of subsidy filed with various agencies.

VII. The subsidy funding reconciliation procedure is as follows:

(I) The voucher processing for various subsidy items under the guideline, besides to be processed by stipulations set by the Taichung City Government subsidy or commissioned underwriting funding initial voucher review cautions, expenditure voucher processing guideline, the processing principles are as follows:

  1. Full subsidy: to be submitted are the claim receipt and all initial vouchers of the Department’s subsidy funding.
  2. Partial subsidy: The claim receipt and the funding summary are used to process the reconciliation, and all original vouchers of an event expenditures and the dispensing agency’s amortization schedule (Annexed Table-II) are to be submitted to the Department for review, and the Department is to return the original vouchers upon completing the reconciliation formalities, which the applicant entity is to retain for a ten-year period.

(II)The subsidized entity, in one month upon completing the program (of those staging an event in the month of December, the cutoff is prior to the end of December), is to submit the foresaid specified documents and the event finding report sheet (Appendage III), the subsidy funding expenditure schedule (Appendage IV), event photographs or CD-ROM, participants’ sign-in logbook and related data, which please forward to the Department for reconciliation and fund release, and of those failing to declare for the reconciliation exceeding said accounting year, the subsidy is to be revoked, and the allotted subsidy is to be retroactively recalled.

(III)Advertisement expenditure and printing cost are to include a sample or the specimen.

(IV)Of the income tax withholdings on the subsidy funding to be declared, the subsidized entity is responsible for the filing as regulated, and is also to submit relevant withholding proof of documentation or an income tax remittance affidavit when declaring for the expenditure reconciliation.

VIII. The subsidy (donation) funding received involving procurement shall be processed per the Budget Law and the Government Procurement Act.

IX. The reconciliation of the received subsidy funding shall have the expenditure and purposes enlisted in detail, and also itemize the total expenditure payout and the actual subsidy amount from various agencies; any reconciled remaining fund derived from the Department’s subsidy funding when the program concludes shall be reverted. In the event where the program should be kept from running continually for some reason, besides a written explanation, the portion of the funding that has been requisitioned but not yet executed shall be reverted.

  1. Interest accrued on subsidy funding or other forms of peripheral income shall be reverted when the case is closed.
  2. When a subsidized item involving purchasing capital assets, the subsidy recipient shall instill an asset management guideline.

XII. The various subsidy matters’ supervision and evaluation work is as follows:

(I)The subsidized entity is to support the Department in promoting various policy campaigns.

(II) Of application cases the Department has approved for a subsidy, the program is to be precisely implemented as per the plan, and of any change to the plan, it is to be declared for the Department’s consent, and of one that has willfully change the plan without the Department’s consent that has been notified for adopting improvement within a prescribed deadline but failed to do so exceeding the deadline, the Department may revoke the subsidy.

(III)Of losses arisen from a change of plan as described in the preceding paragraph, the Department does not assume the compensatory liability.

(IV)During the program execution period, the Department may routinely or randomly dispatch personnel to evaluate the state of actual implementation.

(V)The Department’s evaluation on the subsidy (donation) funding utilization, when discovering the result to be lackluster, or failing to dispense the subsidy per the purpose of the subsidy (donation), or bogusly declaring or declaring with bloated expenditure and so forth, the recipient entity is not only liable to return said portion of subsidy (donation) funding, and said subsidy (donation) case may also be suspended, depending on the severity of the scenario, from receiving subsidy (donation) for one to five years.

XIII. All subsidy recipient entities are required to identify, at an appropriate spot, on various promotional literature or other equipment “Sponsored by Taichung City Animal Protection and Quarantine Department”.

XIV. A subsidy recipient entity is to guarantee that its copyright and application plan has not infringed on the copyright of others, and in the wake of such matter to result in undermining the Department’s equity or encountering losses arisen from statutory compensatory claim, the subsidy recipient entity is to assume the absolute compensatory liability to the Department.

XV. The department’s subsidy (donation) sponsorship shall be disclosed per the following stipulations:

(I)The operating guideline is to be posted on the Department’s World Wide Web Internet Web page or Web site.

(II)Other than information subject to restricted disclosure or non-disclosure as stipulated under Article 18 of the Government Information Disclosure Act, information on subsidy (donation) recipient private organizations or individual cases shall be disclosed, including the subsidy (donation) matters, subsidy (donation) recipient, and subsidy (donation amount (including the cumulative amount) among other related information, which is to be cataloged by quarter on the Department’s World Wide Web Internet Web page or Web site.

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