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What are the action plans and policies on influenza pandemic prevention in Taiwan?

Taiwan’s influenza preparedness consists of the following three main strategies and four lines of defense:

1. Three Main Strategies
★ Strategy I: Block Transmission
Stockpile protection equipment for safety of the staff for disease control. Establish a quarantine area in case of an influenza pandemic. Propose related programs to regulate activities of schools and organizations according to the distribution of the clinical cases.
★Strategy II:Antiviral Agents
Presently, the antiviral agent has proven effective in the treatment and prevention of seasonal influenza. Hence it is expected to be effective in the treatment and post-exposure prevention of avian flu and pandemic flu. It could help prevent the spread of the virus, or reduce the morbidity and mortality rates. A target to stockpile sufficient antiviral agents for at least 10% of the population in Taiwan has been set to achieve.
★Strategy III:Novel Influenza Vaccine
The annual flu vaccination plan has effectively reduced severe illnesses and deaths caused by seasonal influenza. Similarly, during flu pandemic periods, sufficient quantities of effective vaccines are expected to be obtained through sourcing or domestic research and manufacturing in order to maintain vital social functions and to protect the health of high-risk groups.
2. The Four Lines of Defense
★First Line: Containment Abroad
It is now necessary for Taiwan to actively participate in international prevention plans with the US, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK, and Australia to share epidemic prevention information, establish close cooperation channels, and prevent the flu infection in Thailand and Vietnam from spreading out. To respond to the appeal of the US, Japan, and the WHO, our government has donated 600,000 doses of antiviral agents to Vietnam to help the disease control. In addition, latest information and related protection should be provided to the Taiwan-based manufacturers.
★Second Line: Quarantine Inspections on National Borders
Close monitoring and processing of inbound travelers is to be carried out in accordance with the international epidemic situation. Potential cases detected will be treated promptly to prevent an outbreak within the country.
★Third Line: Community Prevention
The government should join with civil groups to provide correct information on prevention and to strengthen the level of community cooperation and management of the poultry industry with disease control efforts.
★Fourth Line: Maintain a Sound Healthcare System
The Infectious Disease Prevention and Treatment Network have been established to handle epidemic prevention contingencies in line with national needs. With the examination network, any flu-infected patient would be detected in no time to avoid nosocomial infection.
  • Data update: 2019-11-19
  • Publish Date : 2012-10-23
  • Source: Taichung City Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office
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