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All aboard the "animal protection awareness train": The "Touring Animal Concern Awareness Activity for School Teachers" successfully builds a bridge to animal protection education for teachers

Touring Animal Concern Awareness Activity for School Teachers
Touring Animal Concern Awareness Activity for School Teachers

The Touring Animal Concern Awareness Activity for School Teachers kicked off its 2019 tour on April 20. Apart from continuing last year's much-liked sharing of teaching plans, this activity also designed courses with different depth targeting schools' different levels of understanding of animal protection, and helps teachers use what they have learned and create their own animal protection education plans. The first stop of the Touring Animal Concern Awareness Activity for School Teachers was Xinyi Elementary School, which is located in Taichung's Southern District. When speakers from the Taiwan Tuye Community Action Association (a therapy dog psychology studio) brought their innovative teaching materials and extensive teaching experience into the classroom, they immediately sensed the teachers' enthusiasm for the promotion of animal protection. During the 100-minute workshop, the speakers shared their many years of animal protection teaching experience, and used fun games to interact with the teachers. The workshop let the teachers transform their personal experiences and what they had learned into animal protection teaching materials suitable for children. Following the conclusion of the class, some teachers were still eager to learn more, and discussed with the speakers how to incorporate animal protection into the children's in-school life. Everyone paid careful attitude and worked hard in order to transmit the animal protection concept to the younger generation, and ensure that schoolchildren grow into tolerant individuals who respect life. The participants hope that children will apply this concept to their coexistence with nature, and create a harmonious future for themselves. The newly-revised Animal Protection Act specifies that animal protection knowledge should be incorporated in the 12-year National Basic Education curriculum. However, at the beginning of this effort to promote animal protection, some teachers may perhaps not know how to proceed, or may not know what instructional materials may be suitable for children of different ages. To ensure that teachers do not fall prey to confusion while teaching animal protection, the Health Inspection Office has expanded the stops of the "Touring Animal Concern Awareness Activity for School Teachers" from 30 last year to 40 this year, which will give schools even more opportunities to participate.

  • Data update: 2020-06-30
  • Publish Date : 2019-03-26
  • Source: Taichung City Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office
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