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The German Association of Search and Rescue Dogs visits the Taichung Animal Shelter, raising the shelter's international profile!

The delegation took a group photo in front of the gate of the Animal Shelter in Taichung City.
The delegation took a group photo in front of the gate of the Animal Shelter in Taichung City.

While in Taiwan for technology interchange with the Taichung Fire Department's search & rescue dog squad, the German Association of Search and Rescue Dogs paid a visit to Taichung Animal Shelter's Nantun Park branch on the afternoon of March 3. The German visitors discussed such aspects as dog pen management, equipment, veterinary care, and adoption promotion, and the shelter's dog trainers took the opportunity to share training experience and insights. Apart from the search & rescue dogs, we also showed off the cute in-training dogs Kuro, Puma, and Yuki. The innocent smiles of these furry children quickly overcame the language barrier, and everyone enjoyed a very happy afternoon. Taichung Animal Shelter has obtained funding from the Council of Agriculture and Taichung City Government each year since 2015 for continuing improvement of the shelter's visiting lines of movement, dog pen ventilation and lighting, other animal-friendly facilities, enrichment of the shelter environment, and increased room for movement at the Nantun Park shelter branch. These renovations have made this shelter branch a designated visit location for domestic and foreign animal-related groups. Starting in 2012, the city has established a dog training team to provide services at shelters throughout Taiwan, with the goal of helping shelter dogs return to family life. The training process can restore trust in humans among stray dogs, and basic dog obedience training can lessen problematic behavior, and reduce the chance that adopted dogs will have to be returned. The shelter's dogs Kuro and Puma, who have had extensive training, have become attention-getting ambassadors for life education at schools and groups. We would like to thank the German visitors for their praise and encouragement, as well as for their generous tips and recommendations, which will add to the Animal Shelter's accumulated knowledge. The shelter hopes to keep making progress and enhancing animal welfare, maintain international contacts, and help realize the vision of an animal-friendly Taichung.

  • Data update: 2020-06-30
  • Publish Date : 2019-03-03
  • Source: Taichung City Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office
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